Brett Graham opens at City Gallery Wellington

29 July 2021

Brett Graham's exhibition, Tai Moana Tai Tangata, is one of the most powerful and historically significant solo exhibitions ever to be staged in New Zealand. Originally shown at the Govett Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth, it has now been reformatted for City Gallery Wellington, giving more people the opportunity to see it. The work explores our memory of history, the nature of memorials in the public domain and their role in shaping what we remember.
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Artists feature in the art mags

20 July 2021

Brett Graham's exhibition Tai Moana Tai Tangata is reviewed by Peter Brunt in Art New Zealand's current Winter issue. The "momentous" exhibition was also reviewed by Reuben Friend for the Pantograph Punch.
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Lonnie Hutchinson: Ahu Tīmataka / Trace Elements @ Christchurch Art Gallery

21 June 2021

Lonnie Hutchinson: Ahu Tīmataka / Trace Elements, is now open to view at Christchurch Art Gallery until 31 October 2021.
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Anne Noble is included in a group show in Estonia @ Narva Art Residency

12 May 2021
Point of No Return @ NART 24 April - 20 June 2021

Cora-Allan Wickliffe wins 2021 Springboard Award

5 May 2021
A big congratulations to Cora-Allan Wickliffe who has just received an Arts Foundation 2021 Springboard Award. Cora-Allan will be mentored by 2008 Arts Foundation Laureate, Shane Cotton. Read more about the award here:

Hamish Coleman interviewed on the Art Paper

3 May 2021
Hamish Coleman is interviewed by artist partner, Emily Hartley-Skudder, on the occasion of his first solo public gallery exhibition, 'On Returning', aptly situated in his birth town of Ashburton at the Ashburton Public Art Gallery. Hamish Coleman will be re-exhibiting these works with us in July!

Contemporary Hum reviews Ann Shelton's New York exhibition

21 April 2021
New York-based writer Katie White talked to Wellington artist Ann Shelton about her recent virtual exhibition 'A Lovers' Herbal' at Manhattan's Denny Dimin Gallery. Read more:

Ann Shelton attracting attention online

7 April 2021

Ann Shelton's work has been attracting a lot of attention this year. Her exhibition, A Lover’s Herbal, at her New York gallery was covered in Art Forum and the gallery carried a delightful video about the exhibition made in Shelton’s Coromandel garden. Click here to watch.

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Hamish Coleman first public gallery solo exhibition

3 April 2021

Hamish Coleman in his Wellington studio with paintings he is showing in his first public gallery solo exhibition On Returning at Ashburton Art Gallery from 4 April - 16 May.

The work will return to Wellington to be shown in the gallery here from mid July. On Returning explores memory and its connection to place and identity.

Helen Calder online interview for Art Collector

28 February 2021

We were delighted with the attention that Helen Calder’s work received at the Auckland Art Fair. One of her works  was included in the Art Collector magazine’s Pull Focus video series, produced as part of the Art Fair, which focuses in on "what makes a particular artwork WORK as art".

Watch here to see Sue Gardiner from the Chartwell Collection in conversation with Helen Calder about Lime Fold.

Image: Helen Calder, 2021, Lime Fold, acrylic paint skin on steel rod, 230 x 900 x 120mm.

Accolades for Brett Graham

2 February 2021

Brett Graham’s exhibition, Tai Moana Tai Tangata, is one of the most powerful and historically significant solo exhibitions ever to be staged in New Zealand, and its attracting lots of attention with people travelling from all over New Zealand to see it.

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Four gallery artists in Toi Tū Toi Ora: Contemporary Māori Art

6 December 2020

Brett Graham, Lonnie HutchinsonRachael Rakena and Kelcy Taratoa, are included Auckland Art Gallery's largest ever exhibition which runs until 9 May.

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Cora-Allan Wickliffe on RNZ

30 September 2020

Cora-Allan Wickliffe speaks to Kathryn Ryan from Radio NZ on reviving the lost art of Nieuan hiapo. Cora-Allan also discusses her latest joint exhibition with Lonnie Hutchinson, Pacific Samplers, at Bartley + Company Art.

Listen to the full interview here.

Image: Cora-Allan Wickliffe and Lonnie Hutchinson at the Pacific Samplers opening.

RIP Peter Roche

30 July 2020

We note with sadness the passing of Auckland artist Peter Roche - a singular artist with a distinctive vision. We are proud to have hosted two solo exhibitions of his work Agitated, 2012, and Interviews, 2014.

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Ann Shelton in conversation with Lynn Freeman on RNZ

26 July 2020

Radio NZ's Lynn Freeman interviews Ann Shelton  about her new solo exhibition and at Bartley + Company Art, mother lode.

Shelton discusses how the series is "not just pictures of an unconventional farm where nothing's grown in neat rows, but is also an exploration of big issues like sustainability, food security and ethics, and the history of gardens in art."

Listen to the full interview here.

Don't let it get you speaks to the pandemic

17 June 2020

We enjoyed seeing Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the Director-General of Health, address media standing beside this neon artwork by Mary-Louise Browne, from the Nga Taonga Sound and Vision collection hanging at the National Library. What could be more appropriate to support him as he delivers calm reassurance to us all on Covid 19 data?

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Kelcy Taratoa at Christchurch Art Gallery

25 May 2020

Congratulations to Kelcy Taratoa who has created a 36-metre long acrylic wall work for the exterior of the Christchurch Art Gallery building. Kelcy's work, Te Tāhū o ngā Maunga Tūmatakahuki  was commissioned by the gallery to accompany its new exhibition, Te Wheke: Pathways Across Oceania.


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Auckland and Melbourne Art Fair postponements

31 March 2020

As you may have heard the Auckland Art Fair, scheduled to open at the end of April, and the Melbourne Art Fair in mid June -  have both been postponed until February 2021. We were were looking forward to these events and were planning to show Helen Calder, Marie Le Lievre, Kelcy Taratoa and Peter Trevelyan in Auckland and Marie Le Lievre in a solo presentation in Melbourne. We are now working with the artists to reschedule, if possible, exhibitions in Wellington so that their newest work can be seen and to help ensure some income for them this year.

Peter Trevelyan will be next up in the gallery after Hemer when we re-open.

Image above: Turquoise Teal, 2020, by Helen Calder, 380 x 1300mm 

Brett Graham in Art News

30 March 2020

The Autumn issue of Art News contains an excellent profile on Brett Grahamand a preview of a major new exhibition of sculpture and film he is creating for the Govett-Brewster, that was scheduled to open in late April.

In the article, Memories carved in reliefRose contextualises the histories, prophecies and revisitations in Graham’s work. She writes: "Tai Moana Tai Tangata borrows from the visual language of memorialisation in its dimensions, material, forms and colour schemes. But though the works reference commemorative monumentality, they are not strictly monuments, which by definition are erected in perpetuity. Graham is less interested in the idea of forever than he is in imagining what our future maight look like if we better understood the past."

You can read this online or if you would like a hard copy contact Art News directly.

Image: Sculptures for Tai Moana Tai Tangata in progress at Brett Graham’s studio, February 2020. Courtesy of the artist

Congratulations Anne Noble

24 March 2020

Anne Noble added another accolade to her illustrious career when, earlier this month, she was one of four alumni inducted into Massey University's College of Creative Arts' hall of fame in recognition of their contribution to New Zealand's economy, reputation and national identity. 

In the ceremony at Government House, CoCA Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Claire Robinson said the Hall of Fame gives long overdue recognition to the role of art, music, film and design in everyday life and credit to those who create it.

André Hemer and Helen Calder at CoCA

21 March 2020

Helen Calder and André Hemer have works featured in WestFarbe at the Centre of Contemporary Art Toi Moroki (CoCA).

Curated by Christoph Dahlhausen, the exhibition started in 2016 in three museum and art space venues in Germany, before moving to Auckland and then Christchurch. Helen Calder has been in both NZ iterations, and André Hemer joined the exhibition in Christchurch. 

WestFarbe, which explores the boundaries of painting, brings together work which emphasises material and process-oriented approaches with others where the tonality and the appearance of painting are foregrounded. 


Claudia Jowitt showing at Enjoy Contemporary Art Space

13 March 2020

Claudia Jowitt currently has artwork featured in This is a library curated by Hanahiva Rose at Enjoy Gallery

The exhibition brings Teuane Tibbo's paintings into conversation with works by Christina Pataialii, Salome Tanuvasa and Claudia Jowitt looking for moments of connectedness and relationships between generations of painters.

These exciting new works by Claudia will come to the gallery after the Enjoy show closes on 18 April 2020.

Decolonising art practices

12 February 2020

Contemporary Hum is a website that exists to generate critical discussion and provide great visibility for New Zealand artists working overseas. Their 'Humcards' provide a closer look at the some of these artists' projects. They kicked off 2020 with a foucs on Cat Auburn who is currently undertaking a practice-led PhD in Fine Arts at the University of Northumbria exloring the colonial story of New Zealand's role in the Middle East. The challenge, she says, is to work with material in a way that adds to decolonising narratives rather than upholding traditional colonialism and power structures.

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Mary-Louise Browne showing in Auckland and Christchurch

2 October 2019

Mary-Louise Browne is showing this striking 1.5 metre diameter neon work at Objectspace in Auckland, until 20 March 2020. The polished concrete floor beautifully reflects the wall-mounted work teasing the axiom and adding a lovely layer of visual complexity.

Mary-Louise is also in Christchurch as one of 14 artist's selected for Scape Public Art 2019 Season. She is showing a range of neon works which play with the interconnection of the visual and the written. Scape runs until 16 November.

Peter Trevelyan solo at the Sarjeant Gallery

12 June 2019

Peter has opened his most substantive and spectacular exhibition to date with Delineate at the Sarjeant Gallery.

Curator Greg Donsen captures Peter’s practice in his introductory wall plaque:

“Like many of the best makers, Trevelyan defies categorisation. He is an artist, mathematician, spider, magician in equal parts…"

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Ann Shelton's jane says series discussed on artnet news

12 June 2019

Recently during her first solo exhibition in New York Ann Shelton's jane says series was discussed on artnet news in an article by Sarah Cascone titled "This artist arranged botanical abortifacients into stunning floral designs for a timely show about a woman’s right to control her fertility".

Click here to read the artcile.

Congratulations to Ann on attaining representation in New York.

Helping the Teresia Teaiwa Scholarship Fund

Yuki Kihara, Roman Catholic Church, Apia, 2013

18 May 2019

We are delighted to be able to support this great fundraising project, in memory of the late and much revered Teresia Teaiwa, to establish two scholarships for Pacific Studies students at Victoria University.

A donor has offered this sought-after image by Yuki Kihara to be sold to help the fund. The image shows the artist’s alter-ego Salome standing in the Catholic Cathedral in Apia after it was damaged in the 2009 earthquake. The 2013 photograph sold out quickly and has been in much demand ever since.

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Cat Auburn to do PhD in UK

17 April 2019

Cat Auburn, who is currently working in the studio of celebrated British sculptor Antony Gormley, has been accepted into a PhD programme at Northumbria University in the UK to study with acclaimed Scottish artist, Christine Borland of Young British Artist fame. We are helping her raise funds for this by selling two significant works from her personal collection.

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Auckland Art Fair 1 - 5 May 2019

20 March 2019

We will be presenting the work of three artists at the Auckland Art Fair this year. We have shown Roger Mortimer's paintings several times at the Auckland Art Fair, most recently in 2016 when the work totally sold out. This year he has produced four important new paintings, all 1070 x 1170 mm framed. We will also be introuducing morts_reports a series of digital works developed by Roger Mortimer under the pseudonym Morts Reports. Our third artist is Claudia Jowitt and we are delighted to build on the warm reception her work received at the Melbourne Art Fair last year. 

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André Hemer in Art New Zealand and Artist Profile

19 March 2019

André Hemer is featured in the Autumn edition of Art New Zealand in an article written by Edward Hanfling which provides a great insight into, and overview of, Hemer's practice.

Hanfling writes of Hemer's paintings: "They are abstract and unmistakably contemporary, but also have many of the hallmarks of what is loosely dubbed 'old master' painting: juicy paint handling, spellbinding illusion and a certain complexity of form, space and light."

Scanning en plein air : André Hemer's Representations upon representations, Page 58 - 61, Art New Zealand, Number 169.

At the same time, the Australian magazine Art Profile features Hemer and his work in a Q & A  with Rose Vickers. It commences: "Coming to prominence on the cover of the landmark 2014 book, `100 Painters of Tomorrow, New Zealander André Hemer's pigment-loaded canvases are instantly recognisable. He spoke to Artist Profile about maintaining a studio practice, the death of Instagram, and his experienc as an antipodean artist living mostly in Europe.

We are proud to say that we showed and sold the work selected for the book's cover at the 2013 Sydney Contemporary.

Claudia Jowitt in Art News New Zealand

6 March 2019

Art News New Zealand's Autumn 2019 issue features a four page article about Claudia Jowitt's practice by Nansi Thompson. Thompson writes:
"Up close we can navigate through layers of fossilised possibility and pattern, glimpses of embedded treasures, and undercurrents of the palest and, yes, the prettiest of colours. Armed with cake decorating tools to pipe, splurge and embellish, shamelessly paying tribute to 'women's work', and drawing strength from her Fijian Whakapapa, Claudia Jowitt is "quietly insistent" on rewriting the rules of painting".

We currently have new works available from Claudia Jowitt in the gallery, and she will be exhibiting with us at Auckland Art Fair 2019. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ruth Watson 'Geophagy' catalogue

8 February 2019

Ruth Watson's work is the subject of Christchurch CoCA's first new catalogue since its reopening post earthquakes in 2016. Launched in January, the catalogue includes essays by Allan Smith, Josephine Berry, Rebecca Boswell and Bruce E. Phillips, alongside high quality images from from the CoCA exhibition and preceding iterations at Gus Fisher Gallery, and the Headlands Centre for the Arts, San Francisco.

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Elliot Collins billboard at Bartley + Company Art

31 January 2019

We are delighted to launch a new billboard by Elliot Collins which reinforces his new solo exhibition, We May Never Meet Again. 

The billboard plays with the multiple connotation of 'still' and the idea of bearing witness.

It uses the typeface Sans Forgetica, developed by RMIT to help with memory retention.

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Kerry Ann Lee at Te Papa

14 December 2018

Congratulations to Kerry Ann Lee who has produced a new commission for Te Papa, to accompany the Terracotta Warriors exhibition.

Pictured is detail from the wallpaper montage Lee has produced for her ‘dreamscape transit lounge’.

We have a great range of Kerry Ann Lee's distinctive collage works available to view here.

Anne Noble and the 9th Asia Pacific Triennale in Brisbane

23 November 2018

Anne Noble has created a major installation, including a live beehive housed in a beautifully designed and crafted 21st century ‘cabinet of wonder’, for the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Noble’s bee installation is one of the highlights of the large exhibition which evocatively speaks to the power and poetry of art to act in the world.

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Sam Mitchell at QT Museum Hotel Wellington

2 November 2018

Congratulations to Sam Mitchell, who has artwork featured in two of the new art rooms on the 4th floor of the QT Museum Hotel in Wellington.

We have a good selection of work by Sam in our gallery stockroom available to view here. Please come in or let us know if you would like more information about available artwork.

Danica Chappell at Heide Museum of Modern Art

12 October 2018

Danica Chappell has a solo exhibition Thickness of Time at Heide in Melbourne. Danica is presenting a three dimensional installation where her abstract cameraless photographic images, made in the darkroom, push photography to the boundary of painting. 

To accompany the exibition, curator Sue Cramer has produced a beautiful catalogue which can be viewed here.

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Cat Auburn 'The Horses Stayed Behind' opens at Tauranga Art Gallery

29 September 2018

Cat Auburn's exhibition, 'The Horses Stayed Behind', is now showing at Tauranga Art Gallery from the 29th September until the 2nd December 2018.

For more information please click here.

Christchurch's Justice and Emergency Precinct Building, featuring work by Lonnie Hutchinson, announced Ngā Aho award finalist.

Best Design Awards 2018

14 September 2018

Congratulations to the Creative Directors, Design Director, and team members involved with the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct Christchurch, announced as a finalist in the Ngā Aho award.

Ngai Tahu Artist, Lonnie Hutchinson, created a 36m metre long aluminium kākahu (traditional feather cloak) to clad the facade of the Precinct Building.

Brett Graham Receives First Runner-up Award

Wallace Art Awards 2018

5 September 2018

Congratulations to Brett Graham who received First Runner-up Award in this year's Wallace Art Awards.

Image: Graham with Sir James Wallace and Governor General The Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy. 📷

Congratulations also to Peata Larkin who wins a residency in Switzerland.

Ann Shelton's 'Dark Matter' Catalogue wins award

30 August 2018

Congratulations to all involved in the production of Ann Shelton: Dark Matter which was awarded the Best Large Exhibition Catalogue Prize at the recent 2017 Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Awards.Published to coincide with Ann's Dark Matter exhibition, the book traces the 20 year career of one of New Zealand's leading photographers.

Melbourne Art Fair 1-5 August, 2018

2 August 2018

Bartley + Company Art presented a tightly curated exhibition of four women artists: represented artists Helen CalderLonnie HutchinsonClaudia Jowitt and Melbourne-based guest artist Danica Chappell who has shown with us previously.

The work of these artists investigates, critiques and remakes ‘abstraction’ to inclusively engage and embrace cultural diversity. The work of all four is underpinned by a belief in the power of abstract form to speak to the world of ideas across cultures and world views. These artists are interested in challenging traditional precepts of purity, truth to medium and cultural hierarchies.

Ruth Watson unveils 4 Plinths at Te Papa

6 June 2018

The Sculpture Trust unveiled its sixth temporary sculpture project on the plinths outside Te Papa last week. Ruth Watson's commission was selected from 30 applications. Each of the four globes provides a reinterpretation of Earth or Mars based on early or unusual maps of the planets.  Ruth will be exhibiting at Bartley + Company Art in October.

Auckland Art Fair 23-27 May, 2018

30 May 2018

Bartley + Company Art was proud to present the work of Marie Le LievreHamish Coleman and Catherine Clayton-Smith last week at the Auckland Art Fair.
All artists were very well received and it was a pleasure to introduce them and their work to Art Fair visitors. 
We also exhibited a small display of work from the stock room including work from Ann SheltonKate WoodsJoyce CampbellMary-Louise BrownePeter TrevelyanRoger Mortimer and Lonnie Hutchinson.

'The New Animals' by Pip Adams, with cover art by Kerry Ann Lee, wins award

27 May 2018

Pip Adam’s book The New Animals featuring cover artwork by gallery artist Kerry Ann Lee, has just won the prestigious Acorn Foundation Fiction Prize in the 2018 Ockham New Zealand National Book Awards.

Congratulations to Pip Adam, Kerry Ann Lee and everyone involved with the publication.

If you’d like to enquire about Kerry Ann’s work, A Spell For Earthly Human Love,  please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Peter Trevelyan in Islamic Arts Festival

28 February 2018

Peter Tevelyan's work Pendentive was included in the Islamic Arts Festival in Shardijah throughout December and January. The work references the dome, "that most utopic and perfect of architectures, and specifically forms the structure that holds the perfection of the dome aloft". Like all his work it's rendered in the myriad fine lines of the 0.5mm pencil leads. Intricate, precise and fragile, it is a delicate drawing that precariously occupies space.

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Kaleidoscopic dreamscape, Kerry Ann Lee at Pataka reviewed

19 January 2018

Reviewing Kerry Ann Lee's solo exhibition Fruits in the Backwater at Pataka Art Museum, Amy Weng writes that the exhibition is filled with seductive imagery, "oscillating between a globalised vision of the Long White Cloud and an intimate knowledge of it’s nuance."

"It’s this restlessness in our nation’s psyche that Fruits in the Backwater speaks to – our endless speculation and comparisons with what lies beyond, our fear of missing out and our reluctant isolation... Here is where migratory currents converge, where cultural detritus accumulates like so much flotsam on the shores. This intermingling of foreign bodies enriches the ground beneath us, cultivating difference as a vital resource."

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Elliot Collins and Bridget Reweti named for 2018 Asia residencies

16 December 2017

Elliot Collins and Bridget Reweti have been named amongst artists chosen to complete 3 month Asia New Zealand Foundation residencies in 2018. 

Elliot Collins will complete his residency at Kriti Gallery, Varanasi, India and will be researching and documenting memory traces and marks of palimpsest that endure in Varanasi, as well as stories and histories of the local area. Collins will involve artisans and makers in the local community to produce work that draws from the dramatic and stimulating environment of this unique city. 

Bridget Reweti will complete her residency at Cemeti - Institute of Art and Society, Yogyakarta, Indonesia and is looking forward to engaging with the vibrant art scene there. She is interested in continuing her collaborative approach to art making by exploring gift economies, rates of exchange and notions of cultural obligation.  

Click here to read more about the Asia New Zealand Foundation residencies.

Ann Shelton, 'Dark Matter', opens at Christchurch Art Gallery

14 December 2017

Ann Shelton's survey exhibtion, Dark Matter, organised by Auckland Art Gallery and Curated by Dr. Zara Stanhope will open at Christchurch Art Gallery on 16 December, 2017. The exhibition will continue until 15 April, 2018.

Ann's full catalogue of artwork, including her most recent series Jane Says, is available through Bartley + Company Art. 

For more information please click here to visit the Christchurch Art Gallery website or view Ann's Jane Says series on our website.

A Hat Trick for Marie Le Lievre

2 December 2017
  1. Listed as one of five artists to watch in HOME magazine.
  2. A 4 page article and cover of Art News Summer 2017
  3. A cover and article in Takahe Magazine due out in December.

A solo exhibtion from Marie Le Lievre will be our frist show in 2018, opening 7 February. 

Roger Mortimer in Art New Zealand

28 November 2017

Art New Zealand's Summer issue in bookshops now features a five page article about Roger Mortimer's practice by Sam Melser.

Melser writes:
"Mortimer’s poetics reflect the idea that there is a history that lies beneath the surface of the land, a rich tapestry of neglected narratives.
It is less a story with a beginning, middle and an end -respecting chronological order- than a poem in which linearity is haywire. His subjects are floating and flying, they are running and scampering tirelessly in a world of self-reflection where the scene of contemporary art serves as a refuge for existential contemplation."

We currently have new work by Roger Mortimer available in the gallery, and he will be exhibiting with us in March, please contact us if you would like any more information.

Mark Amery reviews Hamish Coleman's exhibition, 'Shot Silk'

16 November 2017

"Rather than make things apparent, Coleman mistily submerges representation so that it becomes a quiet intimate whisper between moist lips. Time is changed reality becomes ghostly and dreamlike, images reverberate like a drum. There is an intimacy. It’s as if sometimes the impressions of bodies have been made into the canvas."

Read Mark Amery's article "Giving Painting a Push", including a review of Hamish Coleman's Shot Silk, on The Big Idea here

Kerry Ann Lee, Fruits in the Backwater at Pataka Art + Museum

9 November 2017

Kerry Ann Lee's solo exhibition, Fruits in the Backwater is at Pataka Art + Museum until 22 January 2018

Kerry Ann Lee's exhibition takes centre stage in Pataka's new suite of exhibitions. Pataka Director Reuben Friend says Kerry Ann's digital collages presented as lightboxes and mobiles "create coded messages about nationhood and globalisation, while also allowing the viewer to interpret this graphic lexicon through their own subject lens."

This "new series of artworks dissects and celebrates relationships - relationships between objects and people, people and politics, politics and culture. Of course relationships are also dependant on perspective, and this series of works explores these dynamics in relation to globalisation and Aotearoa New Zealand cultural politics." 


Mark Amery discusses Ruth Thomas-Edmond's artworks in the gallery and on Tory Street.

21 October 2017

"What I love with these smaller works is their sense of stature; a community of many small pieces together rising, animated as if - like the sculptor Giacometti's rugged, eroded figures - about to walk, or at the very least face the winds of change." Mark Amery writes about Ruth Thomas-Edmond's sculptures that we are currently exhibiting in the gallery.

The exhibition continues until Saturday Oct 28.

Interesting contextualisation of Sam Mitchell and Gavin Hurley's practice

21 September 2017

A review of Sam Mitchell and Gavin Hurley's recent exhibition in the gallery describes their practice as "semiotic play at its joyous and humorous best". In his review published on eyecontactsite, art historian Lachlan Taylor said: "Mitchell and Hurley are far less concerned with a portraiture of likeness than they are with one of association. But more than this, portraiture’s historical role as a constructor of identity, as a sign built from visual associations, is challenged by the hierarchy with which we attach ourselves to those associations. Both artists play with the construction of identity, and the ways in which the passage of time manipulates these constructions.”

Read the review.

Brett Graham exhibits in Canada

21 September 2017

Brett Graham's wotk Pioneer is on show at the Mckenzie Art Gallery in Regina Canada until late January. The sculpture, referencing a prairie grain wagon, was inspired by Brett's reading of Canadian history and in particular his reading of James Daschuk’s book Clearing the Plains which traces the devastating impact of colonisation on the local indigenous people. In a wonderfully generous gesture, Brett has donated the work to the McKenzie Art Gallery. 

This will be the second major work of Brett's to be included in a public gallery collection in Canada. Several years ago the National Gallery of Canada acquired the collaborative work Aniwaniwa that he made with moving image artist Rachael Rakena forthe 2009 Venice Biennale.

Read more in the Regina local paper

Brett Graham reviewed in The Pantograph Punch

21 September 2017

Brett Graham's recent exhibition in Hawkes Bay was reviewed by Jessica Douglas in The Pantographic Punch. Douglas talks of a power that reverberated in the pannelled structures. That power is also present in his Resettle works. What her deep, thorough and thoughtful review pertinently reveals is the depth of Graham's historical knowledge and the research that is inherent in all his projects and installations: “The strength of Graham’s formidable exhibition is in its ability to wittingly challenge history: to constantly question the imagery and histories presented before us; to neither forget nor forgive. After all, as Orwell reminds us, historical narratives start from a position.”

She also speaks of his power as an artist: “By testing and creating this conversation around the boundaries of what art is and can do, Graham excels in doing his job as an artist and storyteller (or, perhaps, history teller).”

Read the full review

documenta 14: Athens musings and highlights

17 June 2017

The five yearly German art event, documenta, has created an outpost in Athens this year and, despite some criticism of curator Adam Szymczyk, it seems like an inspired move to me. With relations between Germany and Greece somewhat strained, the move makes a strong statement about how art can operate in the world and address issues from an alternative, expansive and less literal perspective.

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André Hemer at Te Uru

18 May 2017

André Hemer has been busy of late, with his exhibition Small Paintings IRL at Bartley + Company Art and collaborating with Te Uru curator Andrew Clifford on the exhibition Watching Windows, on show at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery until 23 July 2017.

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Alison Bartley and the Venice Biennale 2017

16 May 2017

A biennale — whether Venice or Sydney — is hard work: intense, demanding, stimulating, expansive, exciting and also fun. With so much to look at and not enough time to give everything enough time, it’s a matter of allowing some works to seduce you and ignoring others. Here’s some of what caught my eye.

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Cat Auburn's new film work 'Preparing the Ground'

4 May 2017

Online publication Contemporary HUM are continuing their fantastic work documenting projects by New Zealand artists abroad with a piece by Chloe Barker on Cat Auburn’s moving image work ‘Preparing the Ground’, developed by Cat during an Graduate Artist residency at Tyneside Cinema in 2016.

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Congratulations Bridget Reweti and Mata Aho Collective exhibiting at documenta 17

8 April 2017

Bridget Reweti, who has work in Post-landscape currently showing in the gallery, will be exhibiting at documenta 14 in Kassell as part of the Mata Aho Collective. Mata Aho Collective is a collaboration between four Māori women who produce large scale fiber based works, with a single collective authorship, commenting on the complexity of Māori lives. Read more about the first ever inclusion of New Zealand artists in documenta.

Brett Graham in Honolulu Biennale

25 March 2017

Brett Graham is included in the inaugural Honolulu Biennial showcasing “the diversity of ideas, art, and culture from the people who live today throughout the places connected by the Pacific Ocean.” Target Island, a major new work, produced for the event comprises four 1300m diameter fibreglass reinforced concrete discs.

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Review of Kerry Ann Lee's exhibition

16 March 2017

"Lee’s surreal, comic juxtapositions of objects succeed because they are neither just ironic, or sentimental but rather stand in for the mysteries of human love and connection. The work feels at once global and deeply personal."

Read more of Mark Amery's review

View the exhibition

Cat Auburn at Te Manawa

9 March 2017

Cat Auburn’s The Horses Stayed Behind is now showing at Te Manawa, Palmerston North. The highly evocative work was a result of Cat’s time as the Sarjeant Gallery’s artist-in-residence at Tylee Cottage in Whanganui and serves as a memorial to the ten thousand horses that left New Zealand for the front lines in World War One (with only four returning).

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A conversation with Ann Shelton

4 March 2017

Ocula correspondents Casey Carsel and Laura Thompson talk to Ann Shelton on the occasion of her current survey exhibition Dark Matter, at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki (until 17 April 2017) which includes her most recent series jane says, shown at Bartley + Company Art. 

Over her 20-year career, Ann has explored the construction of narratives that surround social, political and historical contexts. In jane says, these themes continue to be examined through photographs of rich botanical arrangements based around Ann's research into the historical uses of plants for both fertility and birth control. In talking about the images Ann discusses how the work in jane says and earlier series such as Public Places are "investigating the edges of fact and fiction through my interest in urban myth and how stories come to be read as real through their repetition across time." You can read the full interview here.

Roger Mortimer survey exhibition

1 March 2017

Roger Mortimer's survey exhibition Dilemma Hill has opened at Pātaka Art + Museum in Porirua and runs until 21 May 2017. The exhibition, which will also show at the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland from July – September, explores the last 16 years of Roger’s practice from his early calligraphic works based on bills, through his ceramics to his cartographic paintings, including his most recent investigations of medieval depicitions of heaven and hell and based on illustrated manuscripts of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

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Kerry Ann Lee in conversation with Reuben Friend

23 February 2017

Join us in the gallery on Saturday 18 March, 4pm, to hear Kerry Ann Lee in conversation with the Director of Pātaka Art + Museum, Reuben Friend.

Kerry Ann Lee will discuss her practice in relation to the new body of work in In Praise of Weird Wonders and look towards what might be in store as she prepares for a solo exhibition at Pātaka, opening in August.

Kazu Nakagawa collaborates for Sculpture on the Gulf

11 February 2017

Carving Water Painting Voice, a collaboration between artist Kazu Nakagawa and composer Helen Bowater, is currently on show at headland Sculpture on the Gulf until 19 February. The visual/sonic installation explores voyaging and migration through the restoration of a Nuiean canoe damaged in transit to Waiheke Island a decade ago and recorded stories and songs of more than 50 migrants in their native tongues. Woven into a sonic ocean, a new medium for the canoe’s ongoing voyages, the narrative of this work is both poignant and timely. You can read more about the work’s story and the story of those involved on the website.

Brett Graham in Sculpture on the Gulf

10 February 2017

This large basalt/blue stone work by Brett Graham is called Te Tumu. While the term is literally a stump or foundation in Maori, it is often used to describe a strong leader or ‘pillar’ of the community. In the context of Waiheke it is also reminiscent of a tuahu or stone altar. Such tuahu were built by the first Polynesian seafarers to make a claim on the land or to offer thanks to the gods for safe passage. It is a reminder of the original occupants of the islands and a homage to Ngāti Paoa. headland Sculpture on the Gulf runs until 19 February.

Roger Mortimer survey opens at Pātaka on 26 February 2017

26 January 2017

An exhibition covering the past 20 years of 2014 Wallace Art Award winner Roger Mortimer opens at Pātaka Art + Museum in Porirua in late February and travels to the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland in July. A catalogue, with an essay by Gus Fisher director Linda Tyler, will accompany the show. The survey draws its title Dilemma Hill from a painting (now in a private collection) from Roger's most recent exhibition.

Cat Auburn films screen in Nelson and the UK

26 January 2017

Cat Auburn has a new moving image work Preparing the Ground made while she was Tyneside Cinema Graduate Artist in Residence 2016 showing in Newcastle upon Tyne until 12 March. Another work Ask the Fellows who Cut the Hay, made with another expat New Zealand artist Estella Castle and curator Sarah McClintock opens at the Suter Gallery in Nelson later in February.

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Singing with the Bees: Anne Noble at Abbaye de Noirlac

25 January 2017

In 2016, Anne Noble installed a major multi-media exhibition in a 12th century abbey near the French town of Bourge. Pauline Autet, a New Zealander living in Paris, has published a comprehensive review of the exhibition on Contemporary Hum, a new online platform she established to generate critical discussion and provide great visibility of New Zealand visual arts presented overseas.

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Ann Shelton 20 year review at Auckland Art Gallery until 17 April 2017

24 January 2017

Dark Matter, Auckland Art Gallery's beautifully hung survey of 20 years of Ann Shelton's practice includes all her major bodies of work. A performance produced to accompany the new body of work - jane says - included in the show is being staged at regular intervals - for dates contact Auckland Art Gallery.

André Hemer's recent art practice investigated

24 January 2017

Read about André Hemer's recent work in an article by Jodie Dalgleish published on

Please contact us if you would like to go on the preview list for his April exhibition in the gallery.

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