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Danica Chappell at Heide Museum of Modern Art

12 October 2018

Danica Chappell has a solo exhibition Thickness of Time at Heide in Melbourne. Danica is presenting a three dimensional installation where her abstract cameraless photographic images, made in the darkroom, push photography to the boundary of painting. 

To accompany the exibition, curator Sue Cramer has produced a beautiful catalogue which can be viewed here.

Cramer writes:

Chappell sometimes uses the term ’expressive darkroom’ in connection with her practice. It is a lyrical description that in a literal sense might apply to her small Melbourne studio, but which more broadly describes her performative and exploratory approach, her lively and insistent ‘stretching’ of photography. In our hectic, fast-paced society where no-one it seems ever has enough time, Chappell’s radiant abstractions invite us to slow right down and fully absorb the abundant visual discoveries they hold within them.

The exhibition runs until 24 February 2019.

Here is an image of Chappell's work on our stand at the Melbourne Art Fair 2018


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