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Peter Trevelyan in Islamic Arts Festival

28 February 2018

Peter Tevelyan's work Pendentive was included in the Islamic Arts Festival in Shardijah throughout December and January. The work references the dome, "that most utopic and perfect of architectures, and specifically forms the structure that holds the perfection of the dome aloft". Like all his work it's rendered in the myriad fine lines of the 0.5mm pencil leads. Intricate, precise and fragile, it is a delicate drawing that precariously occupies space.

Peter describes the pendentive as an architectural feature and the technical name for a particularly elegant and efficient treatment of the section between a dome and the square of the building proper. First utilised in Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, completed in 537ad, the pendentive was a Byzantine innovation that matured just in time to play a prominent role in Islamic architecture. He says Islamic pendentives are frequently decorated with intricacy geometric patterns which have both inspired and informed his own work.

Pendentive is a work which is activated through its relationship with gravity. The fragility and uncertainty of the work are emphasised through this interaction, where the implied demise of a complex system is perceived through the body's instinctive knowledge of gravity and its inevitable consequences.