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Singing with the Bees: Anne Noble at Abbaye de Noirlac

25 January 2017

In 2016, Anne Noble installed a major multi-media exhibition in a 12th century abbey near the French town of Bourge. Pauline Autet, a New Zealander living in Paris, has published a comprehensive review of the exhibition on Contemporary Hum, a new online platform she established to generate critical discussion and provide great visibility of New Zealand visual arts presented overseas.

Anne's exhibition comprised photographs, photograms, a stunning new video and most astonishingly a beehive inside the abbey enclosed in a cabinet, designed by Anne, which could open to reveal the bees going about their business. Autet described the exhibition as: "an unprecedented leap for Noble who has shown consistent interest for the social implications of her subjects, as she chooses to expand the possibilities of photography beyond flat, printed representations."

We have a range of Anne's bee works from her exhibition Nature Study available.